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Smell is one of the most important human senses and significantly impacts space on our moods. Smelling flowers can change your mood from sad to happy, depending on how strongly their scent appeals to you. It’s also closely tied to memory, as it’s how we remember things and people that once were.



Aromatherapy: Using plant or flower essences via inhalation methods (such as steam inhalation) or topical application (for example, in a bath).

Aromatic: Fragrant; having a pleasant odour.

Essential oil: An aromatic liquid obtained from plants by distillation, often with chemical solvents such as hexane, to isolate it from other components of the plant that might be toxic if taken internally

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The scent is the sense of smell.

The scent is a chemical compound that triggers a physiological response upon detection by the olfactory system. 

Scent is an essential part of our daily life: we consciously or subconsciously take it into account when deciding on where we will go out for dinner, what fragrance we’ll use for our perfume or cologne and what shampoo or laundry detergent we’ll buy for ourselves and our kids (or pets)


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This candle gift set comes with 12 different scented candles, including lemon, vanilla, lavender, mint and more.



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Perfume is a concoction of fragrances that give garments or other items a pleasing scent. It can be sprayed into the air or applied to the skin. The most popular fragrance oils are created using all-natural components like rose or jasmine.



Fragrance is a mixture of essential oils and synthetics used in perfume, soap, shampoo, lotions and other cosmetics. The scent comes from the Latin fragrans meaning "fragrant" or "smelling good", according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

You might think of smell as a sense, but it's more than that—it's a chemical sense. That means that when you smell something, your brain gets information about what it is by receiving signals from the nose that are caused by chemicals in the air. You've probably already noticed how this works! When you walk into an old house and smell mothballs or see someone with a terrible foot odour, those smells are caused by chemical reactions between airborne chemicals and receptors in your nose. And since we can't see or hear these odours, they're invisible to us—but not to other animals! • For example: if you've ever smelled smoke from burning wood before hearing any crackling noises (which means the fire has gotten out of hand), then you know too well how important it is for us humans to have this second layer of protection against danger when our eyesight fails us—especially during times like earthquakes or forest fires where people may need help getting out alive from situations where even their best-intentioned neighbours might not be able to see them enough through thick smoke clouds. • But smells aren't only there for survival purposes either! They also make food taste better (and help prevent spoilage) by signalling hunger pangs within our bodies via hormones such as leptin which tell us when we're hungry enough that eating would be beneficial at this moment."

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