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The Intermediate Guide to What Is The Best Indian Attar (Perfume)?

For Men

The word Attar or Ittar is directly derived from the Persian word Attar which basically means perfume, scent or fragrance and in India it is well known as Ittar. 

The creation of the fragrance oils of Attar involves extracting scent from flowers, aromatic herbs and various other botanical sources. In a few cases Attar oils are also extracted from some species of wood.

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How to apply Attar & perfume oils ? Tips & Tricks
How to apply Attar & perfume oils ? Tips & Tricks
Premium Attar haul - Ajmal Perfumes ! Now we are talking....
Premium Attar haul - Ajmal Perfumes ! Now we are talking....
BRANDED PERFUMES starting from just 30Rs! | Budget perfume & Attar shop in Chennai | Abified
BRANDED PERFUMES starting from just 30Rs! | Budget perfume & Attar shop in Chennai | Abified

The majority of perfumes and fragrances are manufactured artificially using chemicals including alcohol and, in some cases, can turn out to be lethal when smelled whereas Attar is one hundred percent pure and made from nature’s natural resources.

Although Attar is immensely popular in Middle Eastern countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh it has become popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and some parts of the UK and Europe such as Turkey.

The reason for this is because Attar’s are eco-friendly, long lasting and free of alcohol.

In India there is a colossal market for the popular bottles of fragrances importing them from across the globe, so it is fair to say that the best Attar can easily be discovered in the Indian market.

Indian Mughals

The essence of luxury has been relished on Indian soil since the time of Mughals, who, along with their wives were extremely fond of fragrances and it is claimed that attar oils added a better quality of life for the Mughal Emperors of India.

The luxury provided by the substantial quality of attar fragrances that the Mughals enjoyed can be experienced by yourselves through the most expensive Attar in India, L’Intence Oud Attar of Parag Fragrances. 

This bottle of amazing aroma blends pleasurably with your clothes even after the lightest of applications.

It is produced from natural oil that is an extract of numerous natural materials such as wood and flowers.

According to studies men who wore a pleasant fragrance before going out or attending an official meeting appeared to be more and confident and admirable as compared to the ones who didn’t.  In order to fulfil this requirement for men it is recommended to use INDRA SUGANDH BHANDAR Attar Astgandh Perfume. 

This Attar is made from a perfect combination of eight herbs and spices comprising of Kasturi, Gulab, Amber, Kesar, Chandan, Oud and Henna and is aromatic and one hundred percent natural and free from alcohol and any other harmful chemical.


This Attar is made from a perfect combination of eight herbs and spices comprising of Kasturi, Gulab, Amber, Kesar, Chandan, Oud and Henna and is aromatic and one hundred percent natural and free from alcohol and any other harmful chemical.

Feeling refreshed and a higher self confidence level this fragrance lasts beyond twenty-four hours and can reach anyone who is present as far as ten metres away.

It also comes in a tiny portable bottle allowing men to carry their confidence everywhere.

For Women

Indian woman

All women naturally want to dress up elegantly and bring out their charm especially when attending parties or some special family function.  The most significant role of a woman’s dress up is played by the perfume or scent she wears, which brings out her feminine charisma and refreshes even the mood of passers-by who get the chance to relish the aroma.

Most perfumes or fragrances only last for a few hours requiring a second or third application and by doing so the volume of perfume used will soon be exhausted leading to another purchase and further research into the best and most long-lasting perfumes which can sometimes prove to be expensive.


The best Attar for women is INDRA SUGANDHA and presents you with Extox Fragrance Pure Natural Original Alcohol-free Kesar Chandan Premium Attar which is regarded as the best Attar for women.

It is a unique blend of Chandan and Kesar which are two of the most precious and expensively fragrant spices and gifts of nature. It has a sweet aroma that evokes grandeur, intensively beautifying the wearer. 

Unlike most Attars this one can not only be applied to your clothes but to your arms, neck, wrists and behind the ears.  This enticing aroma is offered in a tiny fashionable bottle with a very reasonable price and is ideal for any occasion.

Oud is one of the most expensive and sought-after perfume ingredients in the world.  It has a highly intoxicating musky fragrance which has been widely used across India, South Asia and the Middle East for centuries.

In today’s age a large number of perfumers in the West have been using it as a vital ingredient for creating fragrances for both men and women.

Oud however is already being used as an ingredient in many of the Attars across Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  The best oud Attar in India is considered to be SUGANDH BHANDAR Agarwood Oud Perfume. 

This Oud Attar is a pure form of agarwood which is commonly used in incense sticks and bears a tantalising essence.  Its aroma stays for a prolonged period and in some cases does not wear off.  It is a natural luxury and is free from alcohol making it an ideal choice for Muslim men.


Sandalwood is also considered to be a blessed spice giving a rich, sweet, balsamic fragrance with fragile wood tones. 

The Attar made out of sandalwood has an exotically subtle woody aroma and the colour ranges from golden to pale yellow.

This Attar brings back the tradition of offerings through its heavenly scent.

The title of the best sandalwood Attar in India is given to Parag Fragrances Sandalwood Attar and is made from a blend of natural oils of numerous extracts of sandalwoods and flowers which releases a long-lasting aroma which cannot be missed in any gathering.

During the summer period India can reach temperatures of up to 45 degrees centigrade and under a heat like this all Attar’s fragrances tend to fade, and we are left with the horrible stench of sweat combined with moisture which is highly unpleasant.

In this instance an Attar that is long-lasting and durable needs to be created in the form of Parag Fragrances Long Lasting Attar.

Parag Fragrances Long Lasting Attar

It is a collection of Indian, French and Arabic Attars that promise incredible longevity of fragrance on your clothes under the summer heat and an assurance that you do not have to endure any embarrassing moments through sweating too much.

Throughout India there is a huge variety of Attars to be found, some are best for women, and some are best for men however there is one particular Attar that has been taking the country by storm and has been purchased by vast number of fragrance lovers. 

This Attar is named Vedika Chandan Attar and is made from pure Mysore Sandal that is tiny, but once rolled on to your clothing can take you to heaven with its divine scent.  This Attar is so popular in India that at times stock has run out in many online and physical stores.



Kannauj, which is referred to as ‘The Perfume City of India’ manufactures an elixir called Parag Fragrances Ruh Shamama Special which has been described as the nearest thing you will get to experience what heaven may be like.

It is an ingenious composition of Henna and Sandalwood oil cooked in copper vessels called Bhapka through the age-old traditional style of Attar making in Kannauj.


Kannauj also manufacture what is considered the best Attar for the winter months in the name of Zofla Winter of Kannauj and is a perfect blend of one hundred percent natural and vegan steamed distilled essential oils.

 It is the best Attar for winter as it effectively reacts with your body heat and releases an irresistible aroma even when it is freezing. It can be applied around warm areas like knees, elbows and inner wrists to keep yourself fragrant for a prolonged period. It can also be used by men and women.

The list of Attars available in India is endless but in order to acquire the best Attar for you it is advisable to do your research to ensure you are getting the best Attar for you. 

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