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Prada Logo

Is Prada a luxury brand?

Prada represents fashion-forward, stylish luxury. It’s history and mindset of challenging tradition has earned its name in the industry as one of the most influential labels in the world.


Valentines day | Nidara Perfumes

Valentine’s Day is the annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.

Fragrances of Ireland

Fragrances of Ireland | Irish Perfumes

All CategoriesCosmeticsFragrance   UnisexPerfumesPostsUncategorizedVeganWomans Perfume   Celebrities Results See all results Home David Cox – CEO Fragrances of Ireland Fragrances of Ireland Fragrances of Ireland is a family run business based in the lovely county of Wicklow. It was co-founded by Brian Cox and his brother-in-law Donald Pratt and today is run by David Cox, son of Brian Cox. …

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Perfumes and Colognes

About Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Calvin Richard Klein was born in the Bronx, New York, where he spent all of his childhood.  His grandmother was a seamstress, and he acquired his love of sewing from her while his mother encouraged his love of art and fashion. Calvin Klein is one of the most famous fashion…


Giorgio Armani the wonderful Story so far 2021

Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy in 1935. With his older brother Sergio and younger sister Rosanna, he grew up with his mother Maria …


Famous male fragrances in 2021

It would be wrong to assume that it is only female celebrities who like to smell good and have their own signature fragrance, it applies to male celebrities as well. Whether it is a night out, a celebrity dinner or just a casual weekend, a man’s fragrance choice says a lot about the man wearing…

Female Celebs

Famous Female fragrance 2021

Why do female Celebrities wear different fragrance? There have been many celebrities who have promoted perfumes for both men and women but what do they wear themselves? Just because they promote the perfume does not necessarily mean they wear it.  It would appear on social media that it is one of the most asked questions…

Cosmetic History

History of Cosmetics | Nidara Perfumes

Where did Makeup originally come from? The history of cosmetics spans at least 7,000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. One of the earliest cultures to have used cosmetics was ancient Egypt, where both men and women used some form of makeup to enhance their appearance. The use of cosmetics in…

Perfume History

History of Perfume in the 20th century

The History of Perfume in the 20th Century The 20th century has experienced technical progress together with synthetic chemistry enabling new and more creative scents to be enjoyed by people in everyday life. Perfume was initially perceived to be a luxury item and was available only to the wealthy.  Today it is everyone’s daily accessory…


What bathroom fragrance’s can relax you the most? See our guides.

What bathroom fragrances are the most relaxing? What Scent is Best for the Bathroom? We have put together this guide, and products to try. There are many wonderful fragrances available for use in the bathroom. Some of the best scents for this room are vanilla, strawberry, grape, apple and cherry. Fragrances like these are especially…


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