What bathroom fragrance’s can relax you the most? See our guides.

What bathroom fragrances are the most relaxing?

What Scent is Best for the Bathroom?

We have put together this guide, and products to try.

There are many wonderful fragrances available for use in the bathroom. Some of the best scents for this room are vanilla, strawberry, grape, apple and cherry. Fragrances like these are especially nice to use during the colder months when you can get maximum enjoyment from them.

There is nothing quite like taking a nice warm bath on a cold winter’s day. Light some candles and enjoy the wonderful scents that fill your bathroom.

You may also want to consider using a homemade room spray in your bathrooms to give your bathrooms some extra fragrance. 



Cautionary Note

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Here are eight suggestions to give your bathroom a signature scent.

Tea tree and Mint

This is a great way to bring freshness into the bathroom.   You can find it in many products but to make it yourself all you need is 200ml of distilled water, a few drops of tea tree essential oil and a couple of mint leaves.

Put all the ingredients into a spray bottle, give it a good shake and spray the bathroom to make it smell fresh and clean.  You could even give the toilet bowl a spray to freshen it up and prevent bathroom odour before it begins.

Rosemary and & Eucalyptus

This is a popular scent and is described as a stress relief.  All you need is a spray bottle, 250ml of water and rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils.  Mix them altogether and spray the bathroom.

Lemon and Bergamot

The smell of lemon in the bathroom is a natural cleaner and is perfect to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh all day.  All you need is 200ml of water and the lemon and bergamot essential oils, mix them together and spray the bathroom.


This is a more neutral scent for your bathroom.  A simple homemade solution of a few drops of cotton or linen essential oil dotted onto cotton wool balls will keep your bathroom smelling as fresh as newly washed clothes.


You can find this in many products like shampoos and soaps but making your own is cheaper and will last longer as all you need is a spray bottle, 200ml of water and lavender essential oil.

Mixed Spice

This is a seasonal smell but there is no reason you cannot be seasonal all year round.  If you want to have a bathroom that smells of Christmas all year round, why not?

All you need is one orange, a handful of cloves and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Cover the entire orange in cloves and sprinkle on some cinnamon or nutmeg, put your fruit in a bowl and leave it in an appropriate place in the bathroom. 

By replacing your orange once a week will keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh and spicy.


This can be made with any tropical or exotic fruits but pineapple and coconut work particularly well together.  Mix 150ml of distilled water and add pineapple and coconut essential oils into a spray bottle and spray the bathroom to bring you back to that holiday feeling.


If you prefer flowers to fruit make your own bathroom floral scent with ten drops of rosewater, fifteen drops of geranium and five drops of grapefruit essential oils, mixed with 150ml of distilled water and half a teaspoon of baking powder, put into a spray bottle and give it a good shake. 

Spray your bathroom to create a beautiful floral scent.

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