Deer Musk

What is Deer Musk?

Fragrant musk is the dominant initial element of a fragrance, which dissipates quickly. It has a fresh citrus top note that makes it such an interesting and subtle scent.

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Musk is a pungent odor that smells similar to how it was derived from. The scent of musk comes mainly from the secretion glands found in animals such as the deer, but also plants and artificial substances produce this type of smell too. Musk has been used by perfumers for centuries because they are often included at base notes within fragrances since their strong flavors provide an interesting twist on what you might typically find with sweet or floral scents.

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Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as base notes in perfumery due to its powerful yet pleasant aroma. They include glandular secretions obtained primarily through animal sources like mammals’ including deer, numerous plants emitting similar fragrances, along with artificial substances mim


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The name is derived from the Latin word “moschus” or Greek Μόσχος, which means ‘musky’. This substance has been in use since ancient times as a popular perfume fixative and it even ranks among some of the most expensive animal products on earth today! It was once believed that this gland resembled a scrotum; hence its usage dates back to Ancient Greece & Persia where mules were bred for their musk glands.

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