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Fragrance Oil versus Alcohol Based Perfume

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  • Date: October 4, 2021
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Everybody likes to smell good but when you use alcohol-based perfumes the scent may be offensive to others especially if you are in a busy place with people all wearing different scents that may cause a variety of different aromas that do not necessarily compliment each other. In fact it may be the case that the overwhelming odours may cause some people to gag.

Crowded office

Although fragrance oils  are much less popular than the spray perfumes they are becoming much more commonplace ass their popularity rises.  Oils are more concentrated than the spray-on perfumes they have less fillers, stay on your skin longer and do not contain dehydrating chemicals.

In comparison to fragrance oils alcohol-based perfumes and colognes contain all kinds of synthetic chemicals that have been linked with cancer, reproductive toxicity and allergies. Whereas with oil based fragrances you are aware of what your skin is absorbing and by and large is suitable for most skin types.

It is a known fact that dry skin has a hard time holding onto that scent however if you use fragrance oils your skin is being moisturised and the oils assist in maintaining the scent on the skin for much longer. “Skin Scents” is the terminology used for fragrance oils as when your body temperature rises the scents and oils become stronger it is a natural clean odour and non-offensive to anyone near you, it does not leave a trail of odour like traditional perfumes and colognes.

Fragrance Oil

Long lasting 6-15 hours on average

Clean, true rich scent which has a long shelf life and is also alcohol free

Clean, true rich scent which has a long shelf life and is also alcohol free

Less likely to caquse an allergic reaction due to fewer ingredients and natural ingredients

Moisturises the skin together with  providing nourishment for the skin it also smells and great and is non-flammable

Alcohol Based Perfumes

Not long lasting 1-3 hours on average

Overbeqring and overpowering with a short shelf life due to alcohol evaporation 80-97% alcohol

Packed with fillers and more likely to cause an allergic reaction generally

Removes your natural body oils and resulting in dry skin and is highly flammable

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