WhichFragrances were Inspired by the Rainbow Pride Flag?

Every year throughout June rainbow flags are flown around the world as a symbol of solidarity. These rainbow flags are a symbol of Pride as a recognition and celebration of the LGBTQ + community.

Pride events are thrown every year and include parades, festivals, rallies and parties.  The fun-filled events also provide a platform for the community to promote equality and increased recognition for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning and trans people.

The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBTQ+ movement and each colour of the rainbow has a  meaning and a fragrance to match.

Pride Festival

The Origin of the Rainbow Flag

Pride flag

The Rainbow Flag was created in 1978 by a Gilbert Baker who was an openly gay artist and drag queen from San Francisco. 

He was urged by a local activist to design a symbol for their community. The first version of the flag was revealed at the San Francisco Freedom Day parade on 25th June 1978 and had eight coloured stripes with each colour having a unique meaning.

The first flags were handmade by Gilbert Baker and a team of volunteers but in order to distribute them to a wider audience he had to have them mass produced. This unfortunately caused a few production issues resulting in removing the hot-pink and turquoise stripes and replacing them with indigo and blue.

 Following this decision, the six striped flag we see most commonly today was created and includes the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The flag is now a universal symbol for LGBTQ+ Pride and is flown all around the world.

The Meanings of the Colours and a Scent to Match

Red Represents Life.

The first stripe on the flag is red, representing life. The LGBTQ + community stands for unity and acceptance and with this in mind CK Everyone by Calvin Klein is the perfect freshly scented unisex fragrance. It celebrates the infinite freedom of self-expression which is actively encouraged at any Pride event.

Orange Represents Healing

Pride events represent unity and serves as a reminder of how far the community has come. 

The orange stripe represents healing and there are many ways in which people seek to elevate a healing process and often turn to the powers of aromatherapy.

Citrus notes can elevate feelings of happiness and reduce moments of stress and anxiety. One fragrance representing this is Inis by Inis which is an ocean-inspired unisex fragrance that is like a breath of fresh sea air with its blend of zesty and marine notes.

Yellow Represents Sunlight

The bright colour of yellow means sunlight but it also encourages people to come out and be themselves and not to lurk in the shadows.

It is vibrant and uplifting and needs a bright illuminating scent to accompany it in the form of Tom Ford’s Eau de Soleil Blanc.

It is a sparkling, fresh unisex fragrance that embodies the feeling of sunshine gleaming off open waters.

Green Represents Nature

The colour green and nature are as one and for outdoor enthusiasts there is nothing like adorning an earthy scent to help you feel closer to mother nature. 

A few sprays of Peppered earth will envelop you when embarking on a long walk or strolls in the fresh air.

Blue Represents Serenity

Everyone is welcome at Pride.

There is an overwhelming sense of community, unity and vibrancy with the sounds of music, laughter and love.  With this feeling comes harmony and serenity and the vital stripe of blue.

 You can embody this feeling with a spray of Santal Sky by Kierin NYC which is an intimate and thoughtful scent that encourages you to feel the sun is on your face there is a feeling of love from your friends.

Violet Represents Spirit

The spirit of Pride is amazing and magical.

 It is an opportunity to reconnect with friends, meet new people and stand side by side with a community. It is a time to reflect and remember the past which paved the way for LGBTQ+ people of today.  It is also a reminder to love yourself and love others too.

In order to represent the spirit Empowered by ME is a genderless fragrance that inspires you to conquer the day, be fearless and to make you aware of the very best version of you that lives inside you.

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