A Look Back at Gucci Perfumes


Gucci Perfumes & a Brief Background History

His father was a leather goods maker and although Gucci was never really interested in following in his father’s footsteps later in his life, he worked at the Savoy hotel in London as a porter and became overwhelmed with the glamourous suitcases that the guests arrived with from all over the world.

Florance Italy

Gucci eventually returned to his native Florence and began working for a luggage brand, Franzi and in 1921 he branched out on his own and opened his own leather goods store.  In the beginning Gucci’s main business was making saddles and other accessories for horseback riders, crafted from the finest of Italian leathers.

Gucci Saddle
Gucci Horse Accessories

His designs gained popularity as he expanded further into the world of accessories with English aristocrats becoming major fans of the up-and-coming label. Even today his equestrian flair can be seen in Gucci’s modern creations, including the beloved horse-bit details, and the red and green woven stripe, inspired by saddle details.

In 1938 Gucci enlisted his three sons, Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo to join the business and they were tasked with expanding the brand’s presence which eventually brought Gucci to Rome and in later years, Milan.

Late 30's and 40's

In the late 1930’s leather was hard to come by because of sanctions against Italy so Gucci began experimenting with alternative textiles.

This led to the very first signature print for Gucci which consisted of small, interconnected diamonds in dark brown, woven into a tan hemp fabric.

Old Gucci Logo
Gucci Bamboo bag

The iconic Bamboo bag was created and launched in 1947.  As materials were hard to come by during the end of World War II Gucci’s artisans discovered that they could use Japanese bamboo to craft unique bag handles which became synonymous with Gucci.


In 1953 Gucci opened a boutique in New York and just fifteen days later Gucci passed away.

Despite his untimely death his brand continued to flourish and Gucci’s arrival in the United States was embraced by American consumers.  The decade that followed was a golden era thanks to celebrities proudly sporting its designs.

Gucci Store 1953


Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers were both fans of Gucci unisex products.  Jackie Kennedy carried a Gucci handbag in public and the bag was renamed ‘The Jackie’. Grace Kelly purchased a Bamboo Bag and as a token of his gratitude Rodolfo Gucci had a floral scarf designed especially for the princess of Monaco.

1993 the house of Gucci launched the Gucci perfume

In 1993 the house of Gucci launched the Gucci perfume.  The perfumes are not Gucci’s main business, but their selections are a very popular choice among customers all over the world. 

The success of these perfumes is down to the brand alone. It has proven to be a highly successful fashion brand and the consumers assume that the perfumes are highly ranked.

The reason Gucci perfumes are so popular is because they create a classic ambiance for wearing evening gowns and such clothing for that special celebration or occasion that is unique. 

Consumers of Gucci perfumes describe the fragrance in their own personal ways.  For some, it is sensual and soft but not at all overpowering. Others describe it as a sweet perfume with an innocent aroma.

There are many different Gucci perfumes and every one of them has a unique design.

It is true to say that Gucci perfumes are more costly than the typical everyday perfumes, but Gucci fans will immediately understand the uniqueness of the brand and are willing to pay for it.

Some of the famous and notable Gucci perfumes and colognes for men and women are:

Envy by Gucci

Created in 1997, it has a romantic mixture of jasmine, violet, magnolia, iris, musk, sandalwood and moss.

Envy by Gucci

Created in 1999, this is a fragrance with a blend of floral with spices such as sandalwood, vanilla, gardenia and patchouli. 

Gucci is all about being unique and it meets the needs of women who desire to look, dress and smell differently in order to stand out from the crowd.  Ordinary perfumes might be enough to suppress bad odours but may not be as attractive as the Gucci products scent.

This is exactly how perfumes like Gucci possess the advantage.  Gucci perfumes are available throughout the world from France to China, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Guccio Gucci was indeed a personality to be applauded. Now his name is a brand name in the world of class fashion products. Fashion designers ought to be inspired by his life and work history. He worked and laboured on his passion to become a world-famous fashion personality and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams thus proving that hard work, dedication and believing in what you are producing can be the most rewarding attribute in the world.

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