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Why Did They Use Head cones in Ancient Times?

Head cones in ancient times were used by royalty and heads of state for ceremonial adornments.

Head cones were used to keep people’s hair clean during the time of ancient Egypt and Rome.

The head cones were used as a form of punishment during ancient times, for people who helped to start a revolt against the king.


Did you ever wonder why the ancient Egyptians would use cones to decorate their heads?

A head cone was much more than a simple hat. It symbolized wealth and class, and it connected people to the religious center of their city. It also kept its wearer warm and socially acceptable.

In the time of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, perfume cones were used to lift the hair and scent it with essential oils.

The earliest recorded use of cones to hold perfumes dates back to Ancient Egypt.

The earliest examples of perfume cones were discovered at Pompeii. They are believed to have been used in religious ceremonies.

The cone shape of the perfume was one of the first forms of packaging, as evident from the artwork on various artefacts.

Did you know ancient Egyptians discovered perfume cones more than 6,000 years ago? It’s true! And they knew a thing or two about smelling good.

In the early days of the perfume, the cones were used. Nowadays you can find people who still use perfume oil cones.

Since its introduction in the early 1990’s, the perfume cone has become the way millions of people around the world enjoy their favourite fragrance.

From ancient Egypt to the Victorian era, men and women have worn perfume cones on their wrists. In today’s market, the perfumed lavender cupcake cone is very popular.

We’re not sure who invented the perfume cone, but we’re pretty sure it was a genius.

We like to imagine that she was a grieving grandmother in ancient Egypt who’d lost her young granddaughter. When she couldn’t bear to be away from the girl’s bedside, she took a small clay cone of ointment and dabbed it on her skin. Perfume cones were born.

Have you ever wondered how perfume cones were discovered?

Did you know that perfume cones were first discovered in the 17th century?

Did you know that perfume cones are still being made the way they used to be?

Perfume cones were invented by Yves Rocher in 1980. It was the year of the Rose, hence it was known as the “Rose de France.” The Rose perfume cone’s creation line remains unchanged to this day.

Yves Rochers

Have you ever wondered how perfumes came to be used in cones?

Once upon a time, perfumed cones proved to be a revolutionary idea for people who love to use perfume.

Ode to the Ancient Perfume Cones

Each bottle’s fluid design and use of curves make an ode to the ancient perfume cones – Bold and simple.

The Ancient Perfume Cone is one of the earliest forms of perfume containers that dates back to the 1420s.

Decorated with images from an ancient perfume cone and the first perfumes, our glass cones are perfect for carrying perfume on the go.

The elegantly simple perfume cone has been used throughout history to give the wearer a unique scent.

The ancient Egyptians created their perfumes by dipping a wick in liquid perfume and preserving it in delicate cones of clay worn on the nose. Now you can wear all of your favorite scents, anytime, anywhere.

Ancient Romans were the first to place perfume in hollow cones and allow its scent to waft through the air. The scents of rose and lily mixed with anise can be smelled on the artifacts today!

Function of cone

Perfume cones were a popular way to capture and spread the scent of expensive scents like myrrh. They would have been worn in many different ways, including on wigs or shaved heads. People from this era wore them because they knew that their body heat would melt away the cone slowly over time so it could release its fragrance through natural heating processes.

Did the Incas use head cones?


The Incas used head cones at special ceremonies.

Were the Incas, an ancient civilization in South America, known for creating head cones out of gold?

Did the Incas have perfume cones? Actually yes

Ancient Incas used head covers made from maguey fibres, similar to today’s bandanas.

Did the Incas really use fragrant cones as part of their religious ceremonies?

The Incas had a variety of headwear, from simple fabric headbands to more elaborate ones decorated with feathers.

The Incas used perfume cones to diffuse essential oils for a wide range of needs.

How to Make a Perfume Cone

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If you’re looking for a cool new craft that doesn’t take too much time or money, then making a perfume cone is a great idea.

We had a great time at our monthly craft activity. It was really easy and cheap to make and turned out beautifully.

Perfume cones are easy to make and a great project to do with the kids. Kids will be grateful when they wake up to a handmade gift and the parents will be glad that their home didn’t smell like perfume for weeks.

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