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Common Scents for perfuming a dog


There are numerous dog deodorisers on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Understand how these handy products work, and get tips to maximise their effectiveness in this article.

I love my dog and I like the way she smells naturally. However, she picks up all the stray smells in the street so I prefer to spray her with a grooming spray that will destroy any unwanted odours as well as leave her smelling fresh and clean.
I always use the best dog cologne and deodorant spray on her coat as it is a concentrated formula which means that it is more economical than refreshing sprays which dissipate immediately.
Unlike human perfumes, her fragrance has to be subtle but still noticeable so it is important to pick a stylish air freshener such as one available from Petpost


PetPost’s Waterless Argan Shampoo Spray for Dogs will give your dog a shiny and glossy look while making their fur more manageable.
Our formula is your go-to solution for fast shampooing of your pet, anytime anywhere.
Petpost’s Waterless Argan Shampoo Spray for Dogs is formulated without any chemicals, fragrances, toxins, and liquids that can be dangerous to our furry friends.
It is enriched with the best natural ingredients, such as argan oil and aloe vera that will not only revitalize the coat of your dog but also hydrate their skin leaving them feeling fresh every time you


You can apply petpost right onto your dog’s wet or dry fur for a cleaner, longer-lasting shine.
Shake well before using! The concentrated spray formula will leave your dog’s coat clean and healthy.
Doc & Phoebe’s® pet post for dogs is a healthy alternative to toxic chemical treatments and hot blow-drying.

Yanika - for wet dog skin

Yanika is a fresh approach to grooming pets, with an entirely new category created.
Inspired by long-standing brands in the beauty industry, Yanika is a treatment product that gently nourishes and restores the natural oils in wet dog hair, softening and adding shine while removing excess water.
Our product targets the market of pet owners who want to eliminate the blow dryer but still keep their pets looking and feeling great.


Cologne for dogs has been recommended by vets and dog trainers for a long time.
As far as many of them are concerned, dogs have been enjoying the pleasant scents of cologne for years because people have been spritzing it on most of their lives. Along with this, you will also find that these types of colognes are suitable for use on dogs due to their ingredients being very natural and mild.

Groom Professional Rhubarb & Custard cologne is a delicious scent reminiscent of the classic rhubarb & custard sweets.
This cologne can be used on your pooch to express her individuality and style.
Simply spray onto the coat for instant deliciousness. Can be used on both male and female dogs. It is best not to spray near the eyes, ears, nose, mouth or hygiene areas.

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Belly Dog Deodoriser Spray - Natural Dog Perfume Spray and Dog Cologne Spray

Trust your dog to the best.
Belly has been developed by animal lovers, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs.
We use only 100% natural scents for pets of all sizes, formulated using plant-based ingredients, on recycled packaging.
You will find exactly what you need – from care to bath time for a happy and healthy pet.

Baby Powder Cologne Perfume For Dogs - Long Lasting Deodoriser For Dogs & Aloe Vera Coat Conditioner-

Featuring our paw logo, this spray is packaged in a handy 100ml pump bottle.
Our deodorising cologne uses an effective blend of fragrance oils and aloe vera extract to give your pet that professional salon smell while conditioning your pet’s coat at the same time.
For best results use when required after bath and before going for a walk, or instead of a conditioner.

BUGALUGS Baby Fresh Dog perfume

Bugalugs is a family business created from logic and love. Our constant mission is to source and develop the best natural products available to create your dog smell fresh! The Bugalugs baby fresh dog perfume uses a unique blend of Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) to provide long-lasting protection to your dog’s hair while deodorising and conditioning the coat and providing nourishment and soothe all combined leaving your dog looking and feeling groom fresh.

Serious note about perfuming a dog

Our professional dog grooming products has been tried and tested by various dog grooming expert.

Please read the instructions carefully before using.

Unfortunately, some people forget that dogs are very sensitive to certain scents. It's important to realise that some of the chemicals in perfumes and aftershaves could be extremely dangerous for canines. They can even cause death if ingested. So, be careful when you use perfumes around your dog, or any other strong-smelling scents for that matter.

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