Which are Taylor Swift perfumes?

 Taylor Swift Perfumes

Not only is Taylor Swift a formidable singer she has been the voice and face promoting various products including perfume. 

Taylor Swift

There are five fragrances:-

1: Wonderstruck


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Miniature

This scent was promoted in 2011 in cooperation with the cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden and has been described. As an unforgettable fragrance for everyday use.  It contains fruity tones of freesia, tea, blackberry, raspberry and apple blossom together with Vanilla, Honeysuckle and Hisbiscus.  The base of this perfume also contains Peach, Sandalwood, Amber and Musk.  It is said to have a floral and fruity aroma and is pleasantly welcomed..

2: Wonderstruck Enchanted


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted

This second scent followed in 2012 and whereas the original Wonderstruck was of a fruity bouquet this is more of an Amber Vanilla fragrance consisting of Wild Berries, Passionfruit and Poppy together with Sugar, Peony, Champaca and Freesia.  The base of this perfume is Vanilla, White Musk and has a Woody undertone.  It is said to make one feel enchanted by its wonderful aroma.

3: Taylor by Taylor Swift


Taylor by Taylor Swift Solid Perfume Pencil

Whereas the first two fragrances afore mentioned were based on fairy tales this one is more of a reflection on the personality of Taylor Swift herself. This perfume was launched in 2013 and has a floral-fruity fragrance with a woody base.  It consists of Lychee, Tangerine and Magnolia Petals together with Vanilla Orchid, Peony and Hortensia with the base of the perfume being Apricot, Sandalwood, Cashmere Musk and Woody undertone.  It has a youthful aroma and has proven to be  very popular.

Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight


Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum

This perfume is again of a floral fruity fragrance consisting of Apricot, Passionfruit and Mandarin Leaf  together with Orange Blossom, Honeysuckle and Osmanthus with the base of the perfume containing Peach, Musk and again a Woody undertone.  This perfume however comes with interesting packaging whereby when you take the bottle out of the packaging which is a red box you end up with a music box.  This perfume was promoted in 2014.

Incredible Things

Incredible Things by Taylor Swift

This perfume was also promoted in 2014 and has a Floral Woody Musk and is made up of Pink Pepper, Grapefruit, Suede, Passion Flower and Vanilla Orchid together with Madagascar Vanilla, Haitian Vetiver, Musk and White Amber which form the base of the perfume.  It is less Floral than the other fragrances and has a distinct Musk aroma which is unique.

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