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How to test and apply perfumes

Brief overview of perfume

Perfume is a great way to get your date night off on the right foot. From attracting that special someone, livening up an ordinary evening with friends or family, and making things interesting when you are going solo- wearing perfume can help make any situation more enjoyable! But did you know there are some misconceptions about how to apply it?

Applying too much of it could result in skin irritation for both sexes (ouch!), but if applied correctly then not only will people be drawn towards your scent like bees to honey–you’ll also have less risk of developing sensitivities from over use because every now and again we all need a break from our favourite scents.

Preparing for perfume application

Invent My Scent

Testing sticks

Using testing strips is a good place to start finding your favourite fragrance, it is recommended not to smell more than 3 fragrances in one go.

If you are not happy ask for sample kits to take and try at home.

Choose a daytime and nightime perfume

Choose a daytime or night time perfume. If you are simply going to the mall, heading off for work, or visiting your friends down at the beach then try wearing an everyday fragrance.

However if you’re planning on taking out that date of yours anywhere nearby; say dinner and drinks up close with dim lights and romantic music playing in the background – now is when it’s time to put on some evening wear, and your night time perfume.

 It’s important to know whether your fragrance is meant for daytime or nighttime wear. Bright yellows, and oranges are best suited for the day time while dark blues, reds, and purples should be worn at night.

Nighttime fragrances are generally sprayed on, or near the neck area because they do not last as long.
Apply a little extra moisturizer to make sure that your scent lasts all night!

Romantic meal

Daytime fragrances are generally sprayed down by the hips or knees because it is at these points that they last longer.
This means you want to make sure your skin stays moisturized, so grab a bottle of lotion before spraying on any new scent!

Preperation before applying perfume

Bathing is a great way to not only clean your body but also rejuvenate it. When you take a bath, be sure the water is hot so that your pores can open up and sweat out all of those impurities they have been holding on to for days or weeks at once!
Whip yourself into shape by washing with unscented soap first then moisturize in order make skin more receptive when applying perfume.
If hair gets greasy during bathing, wash away debris with shampoo too before blow drying hair dryer (it’s always important).



You have just finished your shower and you are in the process of drying off. It is important to apply moisturizer as soon as possible after the water has stopped running so that it penetrates deep into your pores, locking on to moisture from within – much more than if applied later when skin becomes dry or rough due to lack of hydration.

The key to applying fragrance is that you want the scent molecules to cling onto your skin, rather than evaporating into thin air.
Apply a small amount of lotion or body oil and rub it between your hands before massaging it across all parts of your skin. For an even more potent experience apply petroleum jelly in smaller amounts with gentle strokes for increased coverage on areas like wrists, necklines, elbows—anywhere where fragrances linger longer.
Another option is rubbing alcohol as well; its high levels of ethanol will help dissolve any oils left untouched by the perfume such as sweat and dirt from work! Dab some drops behind each earlobe after spraying yourself with scents throughout the day.

Apply the perfume before dressing

There are many ways to wear your perfume and it is important that you do so properly. Perfume sprayed directly onto clothes can cause water marks which look unsightly, particularly if you are going out on a nice dinner date where cleanliness matters more than anything else.
If this happens, then the best thing to do would be wash those items before using them again or keep yourself from wearing any other scented clothing item for fear of re-transferring scent into one garment with another.
However there is an alternative: perfuming pulse points such as wrists, neckline or behind ears make much better sense because when the molecules interact with direct contact with skin they will last all day long without having negative effects on fabric like spraying does!

do not spray on clothes

Put perfume where you want to be kissed’

Coco Chanel

Utilising your perfume

Spend some time familiarising yourself with your perfume.
It is important that you know how it reacts to different people, so experiment and see what feels right for you!
One thing that we often hear from our clients about their experiences testing out perfumes at the store is if they can still smell them after a few hours or not.
This may be an indication of whether your skin will react negatively in any way to this scent – but really everyone’s experience may vary depending on each person’s body chemistry!

Reapply your perfume every 4 hours

Be sure to reapply your perfume every four hours, because even the best perfumes do not last very long.
If you have a friend or family member who is close by ask them if they think you need more and remember that sometimes people get used to their own smell so make sure it’s strong enough for others as well.

Use alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser

Making sure to spray your perfume in a well-ventilated area, you can then take the time to wash off any excess that has built up on your body.
After washing yourself down with alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser from one of these packs, feel free to reapply the fragrance as necessary!

Keep perfume out of sunlight, and cool

A great way to keep your perfume smelling fresh is by storing it in the refrigerator. This will help with temperature changes and also make sure that if you accidentally leave an open bottle out on a hot summer day, then chances are good it won’t go bad as quickly!


 A good perfume will last a long time if you take care of it. It is worth the investment because your scent reflects who you are and what makes you happy to others around you.
This blog post has given some great advice on how to best look after your fragrance so that it lasts longer, but there’s nothing like getting the real story from people who have already experienced this first hand.

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