What is a Perfumer?

What is a perfumer?

A perfumer is a master of creating perfume compositions that are often referred to warmly as “noses” because they have such a keen sense of smell and skill in producing olfactory creations. They’re effectively artists who understand fragrance aesthetics well enough for them to convey abstract concepts and moods with their work.

A perfumer, also called an expert on the creation of perfume compositions or sometimes affectionately known as “a nose” due to their fine sense of smell and skill in production, is someone so skilled at what they do that they can take any abstraction like emotions or nostalgia – things only felt by our mind rather than smells we know from experience-and shape it into something tangible through scent artistry.



A perfumer is a professional that must have an in-depth knowledge of fragrance ingredients and how they smell. They are also highly skilled at distinguishing each ingredient as well as when to use it for the best effect. The process can be complicated, which explains why many celebrities turn to fragrances by their favorite designer or brand – because only someone with these skills knows exactly what they like!

A perfume artist’s job requires them to possess extensive knowledge about all sorts of aroma compounds so that they know where each one should go and how strong it should be layered on other scents until everything smells just right; similar occupations include flavorists who work primarily with food products (like sauces), but whose art revolves around creating flavors humans might want more than


After the Second World War, there was a shortage of qualified perfumers. This led to an influx of expat French perfume manufacturers from overseas territories in Africa and Asia who had been trained professionally abroad.”

This is how many past perfumers learned their craft – as apprentices under another perfumer in their employment as technicians or chemists. These people were usually given temporary jobs which gave them valuable experience before they could branch out on their own or work for more established companies with family contacts that lead into positions like this one!


One of the major requirements for a career in perfumery is an extensive knowledge about organic chemistry, which usually means having to take university courses. The first school dedicated solely to teaching this subject was ISIPCA established by Philippe and Jean-Mariage Guillaume over 40 years ago with its doors opening only recently. In 1970 they created their own institution that would train future professional perfumers who met demanding entrance criteria from all walks of life including those without any kind of formal education up until then as well as no age limit on applicants (males or females).

Plymouth Univesiity

Givaudan, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) and Symrise operate their own perfumery schools; they are the only three companies in existence with such a facility. The University of Plymouth offers an undergraduate degree program on business administration along with perfume making skills to students who have been recommended by managers at these respective fragrance houses.

Notable perfumers

Henri Alméras, Nicolas de Barry, Ernest Beaux and Calice Becker were the perfumers behind some of France’s most famous scents. These four discovered their passion for fragrance in a laboratory founded by Jean Carles – with whom they would later become his successors at Galeries Lafayette- shortly before World War II broke out. This is one reason why many think that these are among French perfume houses greatest contributions to world culture over past few decades: because after the war ended they picked up where he left off when it came to blending fragrances such as Rochas Femme (1947), L’Air du Temps (1950) or Chanel No 5(1971). The company also made its mark on

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