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Why Fashion and Perfume are Partners?

The mark of a truly divine outfit is the lasting impression it makes.

It is not what you wear it is the aroma of your scent that makes the difference.  Perfume can drive home your style’s message in the most intimate way, but it can also taint it in the most intrusive way. Your perfume should compliment the outfit you are wearing to give a lasting impression.

We are endlessly advised of fashion trends and wardrobe tips of countless styles in order to compose a sartorial narrative and although the suggestions given hold true merit, few things you wear make as much of a lasting aesthetic impression as your scent.

Scent is your Most Important Accessory

Our perfume wardrobe is of the utmost importance, it may be invisible, but it is the multidimensional accessory that deserves the most attention.

Our scent precedes our visual ensemble, and then gives it context, adding further depth to our sartorial narrative in order to invite third parties to indulge their senses in your style story.

The aroma of scent imposes itself on anyone within radius, permeating the air and infiltrating the inhale and exhale of a captive audience. 

This trait alone marks its importance above all other sartorial elements.  A good personal style is then not something to be simply observed by others, but something to be experienced.

Your fragrance is the setting to any outfit’s story. It is the background within which the outfit’s plot may be told.

It is the invisible accessory that rounds out the composition of your ensemble.  Scent is the most important hat to a perfect ensemble, adding further depth to the themes your outfit conveys. In the same way you match your accessories to your clothes fragrance can also mirror your clothing.

Girl in paris

Your Scent is your Reputation

Most importantly a scent can not only portray the essence of an outfit but also the essence of you. It is the compilation of molecules that make up your aura.

A scent can be sultry, flirty, modest, daring, fun, subtle, earthy mature.

It can also be overbearing, suffocating, repugnant and off-putting. It is the primary part of your wardrobe that can make such a lasting impression, feeding your reputation and calling your aura to memory long after you have left the room.

One quote from a famous celebrity offered thoughtful insight into this narrative about her fragrance.

It’s this really weird relationship because it’s immediately communicating more than your clothes, which we think tell our story right? But clothes don’t invade anybody else’s space. You know how you feel when someone hugs you and they are wearing a fragrance you don’t care for and it’s stuck on you and you go to the ladies’ room and you try to really carefully, discreetly wipe it off? It’s unique in that way. Your makeup doesn’t do that. Your bag doesn’t do that, your shoes or your clothes, but fragrance completely lives in both worlds. It was as if I had into somebody else’s world, but it was very passive so that people wouldn’t object to what she left behind.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This is a view shared by other style icons concerning fragrance including Coco Chanel who said “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory”.

Coco Chanel

Your perfume precedes you and lingers when you leave.

 It is the essence of your aura. Smell is the strongest sense connected to memory so our nostalgic imprint should be positive, pleasant and never invasive and should be indicative of who you are.

It is the elevator pitch of who you are, a simple and quick sniff that can send someone falling head over heels or scrambling for a breath of fresh air.

Fragrances are an extension of style; without it the look is incomplete and as fashion trends come and go fragrances are timeless.

When you choose your signature fragrance always ensure that you like it.

You should never choose your fragrance to please others. The whole idea of wearing any fragrance is that you like it and feel confident when you wear it.  It is important because you will emanate this to others no matter what outfit you are wearing and will leave a lasting impression.

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